DIY Box Clutch- How to make your Designer Clutch

Hello Friends !!

Are you looking for a easy and creative way to make your own designer looking clutch purse without spending money. If you like to make DIYs and you need the clutch so this video tutorial could help you to acquire nice woman bag.

BeingCreativeNoopur- DIY Box Clutch

For making this you will need :-

  • An Old Clutch
  • Pen / Pencil
  • Acrylic Colours
  • Paint Brush
  • Stone lace for Decoration
  • Varnish

This is how my clutch used to look like.

I painted it with white acrylic colour so that I can have a plain white base on which I can start making design.

I drew few abstracts on it.

After this I started to make a Kathakali face on it and painted it.

Once it is dried, I pasted stone lace on it and varnished it.

This is how my clutch look now.

Isn't is looking cool?

So try this and share what you come up with in the comment box.

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African tribal painting

Hello Friends, so here I am back with another DIY Project . This project is also related with reusing waste bottle.

I tried painting an African lady on the bottle with Acrylic Colours.. You can get a lot of ideas for painting a tribal art from google. 

Things you need :-
1. Bottle
2. Acrylic paints
3. Paint brushes
4. Varnish


I drew a rough sketch of the lady on the bottle.

After finishing the drawing,I started coloring it with acrylic colours. 

After doing this,  coat a colour of varnish.

Give your suggestions and comments in the comment box and follow my blog to stay updated with my new projects.

Bubble painted glass bottle!!

Hello Dear Friends!!

As promised I am going to share you with some more ideas for reusing the bottles lying around.
As we discussed in my last blog that by creating art work on them will surely give a elegant look to your interior and guests won't be able to stop themselves by asking you - where did you get it from?
This time we I am going to use a sauce bottle!

I am sure that this kind and shape of bottle is probably available i every ones home.

So let's get started-

  • Things you will need-
  • bottle
  • fevicryl glass colour
  • Fevicryl golden colour
  • Varnish

  1. firstly make rounds of different sizes with golden colour on the bottle.
  2. Let it dry.
  3. When the golden colour dries then start filling different colours in the rounds.
  4. Once it is dry,  apply a coat of Varnish.
And this is it.

As there were so many colours so I inserted a led light series into the bottle.

When the light blinks,  the different colours looks so beautiful.
I use it as a lamp.

Stay tuned for more project updates!

Try doing bottles, glasses ,  cups,  jars,  vase etc.

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments 

DIY Bottle Decoupage

Hello all!!

I am sooo obsessed with collecting  bottles! ! 

I like collecting, painting,  decorating and up cycling them.  And believe it or not but I never leave a chance of collecting them. I am sure many of you can relate to this  obsession .

Creating art with these bottles is one of the most effective ways to reuse objects lying around your house.

When you have a good collection of bottles, painting them and filling them with pretty blooms is an awesome way to decorate the tables at your home! 

So let's start decorating. . .

Before you begin painting; wash the bottle thoroughly for  removing any excess gum or label residue. For the best result, you should rinse both the outside and inside of the bottle with soap.  Only start after the bottle is completely dry.

In this article I am going to share how you can decoupage at home without purchasing any special supplies from craft store. Decoupage is art of sticking decoupage tissue paper to decor objects.  

For this project you will need-

  • Bottle 
  • Pencil 
  • Paper
  • Scissor 
  • Glue
  • Fabric colour 
  • Varnish

So start by drawing some designs on paper and by cutting them.

Next, paste these paper cuttings on the bottle with the help of glue.

Let it dry.

Once the glue is dried start painting the glass of the bottle with blue colour and paper with golden colour.

Then apply a coat of varnish once the paint is dried.

And there you have it.

Tell me what you think about this project and share your ideas  in  the comment box!  ❤️

I am going to share few more ideas on bottle decoration this week.
So Follow my blog and stay tuned with me for more ideas on how you can repurpose old glass bottles into creative and colourful vases or decorative pieces for your home.

Block Painting on Tote Bag !! :)

Hello All, 

Looking for a way to adorn your plain tote bag lying around at your home? Why not use fabric paint to give away a whole new life to it and to create something unique and individual at the same time !

Recently I was doing  Block Painting and tried reviving some school time craft to decorate my plain tote bag with hand made printing blocks.

Do you remember the school days when we use to take lady finger,  onions,  potatoes , our own fingers -thumbs and some other easily available things to stamp up the paper with colours !!
We are going to do the same to decorate the tote bag.

So lets start with the essentials .

For this you will need few Fabric Colours, Brush, Potato and a white tote bag.

In this project , firstly I drew the required shape on the potato and then used knife to carved the shape onto it. Here I have made a leaf but you can try with different shapes like heart, flower, tree etc. 

Here is the plain and simple looking tote bag

Proceed by applying colour on the stamp with the help of brush  and paste it hard on the bag to get the desired result. Just like shown in the below photograph-

Clean the stamp every time with the help of tissue paper and then apply other colour on it and the do the same until you get the desired design.

I tried some designs and settled with these two on the sides of my bag.

Make sure you iron the fabric from the back side before washing. This will make the paint last long.

You could also use beads, decorative designs with  colourful embroidery thread to highlight  specific areas of your design.

You can apply this artistry to design your t-shirts, walls, greeting cards etc.

I am sure you can not resist your self from trying this one  on your stuffs. Tell me what you think about this project in the comment box and leave your suggestion for any improvisation.

#Scroll #Madhubani_Painting

Hello my dear friends..

It's been so long since I have posted anything.  Actually my project took a little longer to get ready and hence such a long gap.  I hope you have missed some creativity.

Here it is...  It's a DIY SCROLL!!

I used to admire the scrolls so much as they look so royal,  colourful and charming so I put some creativity and made my Scroll.. ( Yeah yeah..  I know it's not the scroll which was used by Kings but this is what you can expect from an artist ☺)

So let's get started...

It's very simply DIY and you will need a piece of cloth,  some  acrylic colours,  two wooden rods.

I drew  fishes as they are the soul of any madhubani painting and coloured them.  Try to choose colour as bright as possible.

This is what I got after painting the cloth.

Now,  you just need to stitch the cloth around the rods.  I took help of my mother for this. Then just hang it with a string and it is ready  to showcase !!

It looks amazing and its vibrant colours gives my home a happy happy feeling. 

Hope you like this DIY and will make your customized scroll.

Please write down your comments and suggestions if you like my post.

See you next time ⌚ friends!!

Easy Wooden Spoons Makeover = Gorgeous

Hello Friends !!

Hope you have liked my previous post and definitely tried it.

Today I have brought you an another interesting thing which will give your  Kitchen an eye catching look and one could not remain without noticing  it.

We all are having boring tools and utensils in our kitchen , so I decided to give it a new cool look.

So today I will show you how I turn ordinary spoons to some colorful ones. For this you won't be needing anything special but just a few things from your craft box i.e. few Bright Acrylic Colors, Brush, Varnish and of course few Spoons.

I did a couple of coats of acrylic paint on each one and let them dry.

Once they were dry, I went back to add the contrasting stripes and shapes. I tape off the sections and painted them because I wanted the utensils to look homemade and hand painted. Also it will prevent the color from spilling out of the tape line. That's just  my personal preference, but you could do it either way.

Paint a coat of varnish on the painted side. This will protect the paint from tearing down. Make sure that you wash them with hands. Isn't it a cheap and easy way to add some flair ?

And here you are done..!!😊 I just love them so much 😍😍

Hope you like this idea and please share your ideas in the comment box.👇